Park Centre Homes
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Green Energy Rating Elements
of Park Centre Homes
  • Energy Star appliances: refrigerator, dryer, washer and dishwasher
  • High-efficiency air conditioner (SEER 14 rated)
  • 93% efficient gas forced-air furnace with fresh air exchange and high-efficiency duct system (variable speed)
  • Mechanical ventilation, dampered and filtered (IAQ program)
  • Individually controlled, digital, programmable thermostats and zoned dampers
  • Energy Star exhaust fans standard in laundry and bathrooms
  • Low VOC interior finishes
  • Bio-based insulation
  • Built-up roof system with insulation and reflective coating
  • Energy-efficient windows and doors with Milgard almond-colored vinyl frames and Low-E 3D dual pane glass
  • DuPont flex wrap flashing at all exterior window frame sills
  • Exterior walls 6-1/2” structural insulated panels (SIPS)
  • Dark-sky rated exterior lighting on photo-cell circuit
  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets (IAQ program)
  • Granite counters are standard; Zodiaq “green” engineered stone counters are available for upgrade.
  • Therma-Tru Fiber-Classic entry doors
  • 36” direct vent (sealed) gas fireplace
  • Each individual home specifically sited by floor plan design for optimal sun orientation
  • Zeta Rod water system
  • High profile toilets with 1.6-gallon flush
  • Site drainage recapture (not by home but generally on the runoff areas)
  • Garages with vinyl base to prevent moisture damage
  • LED lights in bathrooms, foyer, hallways, kitchen and above fireplace

Redefine Green

Park Centre Homes at La Posada is setting the standard for green building in Southern Arizona. Together with Pepper Viner Homes, La Posada is ensuring Park Centre Homes are energy efficient and maintenance free. La Posada and Pepper Viner Homes expect to achieve local, state, and national recognition for Park Centre’s energy efficiency and indoor air-quality system design.

Pepper Viner Homes and La Posada are working cooperatively to use a systemic approach to design based on the principles of green building. Thoughtful use of home site orientation techniques, water-saving design and fixtures, and the incorporation of environmentally friendly products will add to the green footprint of Park Centre Homes.

Pepper Viner homes utilize unique construction design and partners with companies such as Building Insight, LLC and BASF Global to use the most recent technologies available for green building. Pepper Viner and La Posada also work with SIPA (Structural Insulated Panel Association) to use structural insulated panels in construction to make sure that the homes are as energy-efficient as possible

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